Price policy

We do not specify our prices on purpose because we want to introduce our customers to a unique concept which doesn't yet have an analogue in Ukraine and which can't be compared to other clubs. To introduce you to this concept, we invite you to a free training, which doesn't oblige you in any way and during which you can understand how easily, safely and effectively you can achieve your goals.

Thanks to our software we know you and your results. Membership in our club is based on an individual approach to everyone, so the first training requires some preperation and the personal attention of a trainer to adjust all equipment for you and to fully acquaint you with the technology. Membership in our club starts at 1450 hryvnia per month and doesn't imply any additional costs on your part, such as paying for personal trainer services, consulting a rehabilitation specialist and monitoring changes in your body composition.

You can find out more about these details and about our special offers by visiting the trial training with us. You can do so by filling out the form on, and our trainers will immediately contact you. We look forward to seeing you in nolimits.