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Aside from training and recovery, nutrition is a very important part of the process of losing weight.

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The global leader in body composition analysis.

In order to achieve your goals as well as possible, you need to understand what your body is made of. InBody allows us to measure and monitor your body composition - how much of your body is water, protein, minerals, and fat - and design a personal 12-week-long nutrition program for you.

Health & fitness, on the most personal level possible.

Each of us responds to exercise and diet in a different way, partly because of our genes. DNAFit allows us to skip the trial and error process of finding out what works best for your unique genetic disposition by giving you an analysis of the 50 key genes responsible for your response to training and nutrition.

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Just have workouts for 35 minutes only, 6 times a month.
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15x more effective, in half the length of a traditional training session.